Get updates here on selected items of news and view relevant to clean air in Bishopson. This treatment complements what you'll find via our social media feeds. Disclaimer! we are not pretending to offer a comprehensive news service on clean air! but other sections of this site point you to further information and definitive sources...

BHF New research by the British heart Foundation - see report - finds worrying effects on heart health and adds to the considerable evidence from other research that air pollution is becoming a major threat to our health.

car exhaust Very high levels of PM 2.5s are still produced by new diesel vehicles during their regular exhaust filter cleaning process. Read more here

CAD report

 National 2019 Clean Air Day, in which TBS was fully involved, is now reported in full here

Bristol driving reasons The UWE based project, ClairCity (Citizen led air pollution reduction in cities) has just published its latest newsletter. One of the eye-opening and rather worrying facts it reports is shown in the illustration above.

suv If car owners locally reflect the national trend, then it isn't imagination that hunky SUV type cars are becoming more and more common in this affluent area of North Bristol . In 2018, nearly a quarter of all UK new car sales were SUVs - and they all produce around 25% more CO2 than medium sized cars. See here for more on this.

human body tissues organs skeleton A new US study has analysed more than 95 million Medicare hospital insurance claims in the U.S. for adults aged 65 and over between 2000 and 2012. This research has discovered new associations between certain health problems and PM2.5s.


Wood Burning flames Cosy and comforting they may be, but even EU approved wood burning stoves are a major contributor to air pollution, particularly as a source of invisible PM 2.5 particles that can penetrate into any part of our bodies. You can read more about this problem here and here

clean air hub If you are concerned about air pollution, its effects on health and what you can do to reduce it, you probably already check out the Clean Air Bishopston (CAB) content on the TBS website. (Just click on the CAB tab, top right in this window). An additional excellent source of information on many aspects of air pollution can now be found at cleanairhub

banner If you are a parent that sees your child regularly run (and breathe) the gauntlet of those thoughtless engine idlers outside your local school, you might want to consider with other concerned parents, jointly getting one of these banners


air pollution 2 Just published (Nov 18th 2019), this study looks closely at the effects of small particulates and NO2 emissions on the health of Bristolians and on the financial implications of these pollutants for the City. You can read more on this here  


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