cleanairdayThe Clean Air Bishopston project team is hatching plans for Bishopston residents and organisations to take part in this year’s Clean Air Day.

Taking place on Thursday 21st June, this national event is designed as a symbolic series of initiatives to inform and inspire the public to take action on air pollution.

The day follows hard on the heels of the UK’s first ever National Clean Air Day, 15 June 2017, which “Helped missions of people respond to air pollution through over 200 events and 550 press, radio and TV features”.

Impacts claimed include raised awareness of the facts about air pollution and clean air, and the creation of triggers for people to take their own action on clean air.

Details are provided in their Celebration Report which concluded that “it has never been clearer that the public want clean air and are willing to play their part”.

So we’re working up plans for activities and events in and around Bishopston in this spirit. We are short-handed though, and need your help! Join us to help organise these…..

REMEMBER!: the Clean Air Bishopston team is small and purely voluntary, wants to do a lot more to enhance this web site and extend our project, but needs YOU!! Please get in touch with your contributions, comments, suggestions, offers of help, or for some other reason: click here to reach our contact form.