CAB logo   As part of our Clean Air Day activities, two volunteers from Clean Air Bishopston visited Ashley Down Primary School to work with Year 5/6 pupils in monitoring the air quality at their school gates at drop off and pick up time.


10 children met with Gavin and Ann to build 4 Luftdaten Air Pollution Monitors and then measure the air quality. Afterwards, the children prepared and delivered an Assembly for the whole of Key Stage 2, telling their friends about the dangers of air pollution, especially around schools.

Year 5 pupil Ella Stevenson said, “It was really fun, especially building the monitors. We’ve made two pledges. One is to remind my mum not to turn on her car engine when there is a child behind the car. The other is to stand back from the road while waiting to cross. My sister has asthma and it’s not nice to see her having to use an inhaler every night.”

With the support of some parents and the school, the volunteers will be returning to the school in the Autumn to do more pollution monitoring with the children.
There are also plans afoot to bring together a group of parents called School Streets Bishopston, two from each local primary school to support each other and share ideas.
Please let us know if you’re interested in being part of this group!


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