Get updates here on selected items of news and view relevant to clean air in Bishopson. This treatment complements what you'll find via our social media feeds. Disclaimer! we are not pretending to offer a comprehensive news service on clean air! but other sections of this site point you to further information and definitive sources...

asthma  WHO guidelines on limits for air pollution will need to be revised if cases of childhood asthma are to be reduced by up to 33%, a new study finds

CAZ 1  Can we dare to hope Boris Johnson puts money where his mouth is? CAZs wont kick in effectively unless Central Government helps to cost their implementation. For more on this, see here


Boy with I Heart Clean Air Sign 2  Are you happy that Bristol's plans for a Clean Air Zone won't be fully effective until at least 2028? Clean Air Parent's Network has a letter and petition here pushing mayor Rees to come up with more effective CAZ plans. See also this article

CAB logo   As part of our Clean Air Day activities, two volunteers from Clean Air Bishopston visited Ashley Down Primary School to work with Year 5/6 pupils in monitoring the air quality at their school gates at drop off and pick up time.

CAZ  You can see the two CAZ options BCC are consulting on here  For a useful summary of the two options being put forward for consultation, see this video made by BCC

gassed baby  Mothers exposed to 'high levels' of air pollution in the week before delivery have much higher chance of being admitted to intensive care. See more on this here 


Clean air bristol 1  No CAZ scheme can be expected to work immediately. But a plan that it is estimated would take at least 10 years in some areas of the city to produce air quality that complies with legal standards....... For more details on this depressing and unacceptable possibility, see here  


ClairCity Logo AW 08  The latest newsletter from the UWE based, but European wide, air pollution study group. It includes an interview with Andrew Edwards, Air Quality Project Manager at BCC. The newsletter can be read here


nanoparticlesThis latest research finds billions of nanoparticles from exhausts and industrial processes are in our hearts, brains and probably every organ of our bodies. Further details on this can be seen in the Guardian article here

mayor rees

Defending the Council's long delay in deciding how best to tackle the city's air pollution, Mayor Martin Rees argues that it is essential to ensure social justice is not sidelined while taking action to achieve environmental justice. The interview with Air Quality News can be seen here


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