What else is happening, on Clean Air Day and after? Who is doing what related work? Once the big day is over, what next? What else can we do as citizens, individually or together, to improve air quality?

whatnextRelated activities and events

Here are some examples of the activities and events related to Clean Air Day Bishopston that others in the growing movement are running or planning:-

What should we do next?

We'll be figuring out how Clean Air Bishopston can develop after 20 June. and the project team will meet to plan the next steps.

Should we have more clean air days? Clean air weeks? Car free days? Weeks? Road closures? Community cycling campaigns? More WalkFests.....? Collaborations with local schools and others? How can we best persuade our institutions and politicians to act, and change our own polluting habits?

These options and others will be thrown open for discussion and decision-making. But as mentioned previously in our rationale for Clean Air Day Bishopston, we're determined either way that it will be the start of a larger project, not in any way an end in itself.

We'll also be continuing our commitment to working in partnership with others, including other campaigns, commuity groups and activists in Bristol, the City Council and the national Clean Air organisation, to share and pool findings on how we can best follow up the day.

We'll therefore be taking soudings from participants and hoping to recruit additional volunteers, so please be ready to give your view....

REMEMBER!: the Clean Air Bishopston team is small and purely voluntary, wants to do a lot more to enhance this web site and extend our project, but needs YOU!! Please get in touch with your contributions, comments, suggestions, offers of help, or for some other reason: click here to reach our contact form.