cad2019Support Clean Air Day Bishopston on 20th June 2019 - Bishopston's part of a national campaign. In this section you'll find out why we're asking you to give support, what's taking place on and around the day itself, and how you can take part in our exciting range of activities. All take place at and around Boston Tea Party, Nevil Road, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8PE.

BTPWe have an exciting series of events and activities lined up for Clean Air Day Bishopston 2019. There are no less than nine activities you can take part in (click on any item to get details):-

  1. Make a clean air pledge - any time 
  2. Get a free bike breakfast - 7 - 10am
  3. Visit the roadshow - 8 - 11am and 3 - 6pm
  4. Have some creative fun - drop-in 3 - 6pm
  5. Love your bike - 3 - 6pm
  6. Protect our kids - 3 - 6pm
  7. Get the facts - 3 - 6pm
  8. Join the conversation - 6 - 7pm
  9. Enjoy an evening walk - 7 - 8pm

All activities take place at and around Boston Tea Party, Nevil Road, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8PE - Thursday 20th June 2019 (times and exact locations shown in individual articles)

....and see "What else?" What next?" for other activities and related upcoming events

Click here for the Clean Air Day Bishopston main page

We think that everyone can -and maybe should- play a part in cleaning up our air. You could pledge a small but significant contribution. Before or on the day you're invited to:-

Cyclists please stop by on your morning commute at our breakfast station outside Boston Tea Party (corner of Gloucester Road and Nevil Road) any time between 7 and 10am on Clean Air Day, Thursday 20th June 2019.

The Travelwest Roadshow offers a wide range of attractions, all in one space sited outside Lunar, on the south corner of Nevil Road and Gloucester Road, between 8 and 11am AND between 3 and 6pm, including:-

You can have some creative fun with your kids at our kids creative corner, outside or just in Boston Tea Party, at our kids pollution workshop - parents welcome too! Drop in any time between 3 and 6pm.

You can learn to love your bike (or enjoy it more!) at our cycling corner (located on the corner of Gloucester Road and Cambridge Road by the prison) between 3 and 6pm on 20th June, which features:-

Some crucial questions about protecting our kids will be addressed at our schools corner (near Sainsbury's on the corner of Gloucester Road and Longmead Avenue) between 3 and 6pm, including...

At the UWE Fact Bank, which is located at the Boston Tea Party street corner, between 3 and 6pm, you can get the facts on air quality, and hear from academic experts on clean air, to:-

Come to our evening meet-up to join a conversation on what's to be done about air quality. Inside Boston Tea Party, for one swift hour only between 6 and 7pm, you can...

Our final activity on Clean Air Day, Thursday 20th June 2019, features a Bishopston walk, following straight on from the evening meet-up at 7pm starting at Boston Tea Party, in which you can...

We think that everyone can help make small steps towards cleaning up our air. The idea of Clean Air Day Bishopston on Thursday 20th June 2019 is to demonstrate this, and the midsummer timing seems appropriate.

CADBIntro2Please grab and reuse any of the materials on this page and use them to help us publicise the day, and rally support

What else is happening, on Clean Air Day and after? Who is doing what related work? Once the big day is over, what next? What else can we do as citizens, individually or together, to improve air quality?

DISCLAIMER: participation in all of our Clean Air Day Bishopston activities is on a first-come, first-served basis, and is subject to any numbers limits applying to the venue (especially in the event of wet weather). Attendance is at your own risk...and we hope you enjoy taking part!