We think that everyone can help make small steps towards cleaning up our air. The idea of Clean Air Day Bishopston on Thursday 20th June 2019 is to demonstrate this, and the midsummer timing seems appropriate.

Our broader purpose is however to raise awareness and get people talking and working together to address the public health emergency represented by our air pollution problem.

Researchers say 300 deaths occur prematurely in Bristol as a result. Furthermore, Gloucester Road is a hot-spot, and we in Bishopston are vulnerable like others. So something needs to be done.......but you don't need to believe us! We are not experts, but you can find out more in our Learn section which directs you to the authoritative sources.

The plan fits squarely with the aims and objectives of Clean Air Bishopston: we need "them", ie the Council and others, to act on our behalves to clean up our air, but ordinary citizens also have power to effect change.

cad2019Another aim is to link up and show solidarity with others beyond our area, and demonstrate our commitment to a wider movement. Clean Air Day is happening across the UK, thanks to Cleanairday.org.uk (coordindated by Global Action Plan). (They ran one in 2017 and 2018, which they say "helped millions of people respond to air pollution", with outcomes including the creation of triggers for people to take their own action on clean air - more details are in their celebration report.)

It's also supported by Bristol City Council's "Clean Air for Bristol" project and other community groups around the city and the country running events on the same day.

Finally, a disclaimer! We don't see a single day of actions being a solution of itself but merely the start of a process, so we're seeing it as a way of catalysing discussion and planning about how and when citizen involvement in cleaner air in Bishopston and beyond can go forward. See "What next?" for further details.

DISCLAIMER: participation in all of our Clean Air Day Bishopston activities is on a first-come, first-served basis, and is subject to any numbers limits applying to the venue (especially in the event of wet weather). Attendance is at your own risk...and we hope you enjoy taking part!