ramblersWalking in a group is a great way to start walking, make new friends and stay motivated.

There are lots of different walking groups in Bristol. They cater for all abilities so you don’t need to worry about being out of your depth.

For example, Walking for Health and Bristol Ramblers have lots of information so check out their websites.

Ramblers organises group walks for health, leisure and as a means of getting around for people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of fitness. Its website has details of many locally organised walks in towns and cities, as well as the countryside.

We’ve checked and there are literally scores of groups operating within a 5 mile radius of Bishopston. The ten nearest are:-

Note: the first of the above is only 0.68 miles from Bishopston and the last is only 1.06 miles away, the furthest!

didyouknowWalking to school helps children to engage with their local community, develop wider social networks, greater spatial awareness and improved road sense.

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