handholdsOver 8000 Bristol primary school children are taking part in WOW, the year-round walk to school challenge, a behaviour change programme.

Can you and your kids rise to this challenge?

This year-round challenge for primary schools is run by Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking. They are working in partnership with Bristol City Council and Travelwest to reduce congestion at school gates, increase active travel to school and improve the air quality all over Bristol.

This campaign is having big impacts around the city:-

  • 57% of Bristol pupils who are taking part in WOW are walking to school
  • 30% – fewer cars at the school gates.

Children who walk to school at least once a week are rewarded with a monthly badge based on an annual theme. The badges, made from recycled yoghurt pot lids, are designed by children in Living Streets’ annual badge design competition.

Daily journeys are logged by pupils on their interactive tool WOW Travel Tracker, providing valuable active travel data to schools and local authorities.

If your school is taking part – how about asking others to join you on the walk to school to make more of an event of it! Perhaps there are grandparents or other members of your family who would love to share the journey with you? Share the surroundings you spy and the paths you pursue with us on social media @livingstreets, and #walktoschool.

If your school is not taking part, contact  to get them signed up for the next academic year.

didyouknowA generation ago, 70% of us walked to school – now it’s just over half. And by 2050 it is predicted that 70% of girls and 55% of boys will be overweight or obese, but a short walk each day is easy, free and good for the health.

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