So, what has been happening since the summer?! There have been two full Neighbourhood Partnership meetings: in October and January this year, as well as the usual quarterly Public Forums.


So, what has been happening since the summer?! There have been two full Neighbourhood Partnership meetings: in October and January this year, as well as the usual quarterly Public Forums.

There has been plenty of activity going on – for example, funding, through the area Green Space Plan, could be providing opportunities for St Andrew’s Park as outlined in the article on the front page of the Bishopston Society website. The local Neighbourhood Forums have been meeting as usual every three months, where generally the concerns expressed are about parking, speeding, dog mess and bicycles. Good news on speeding – the police have secured funding for local residents to be trained to use speed guns to monitor this hazard to our safety on our local roads (see the article on the website) - and on bicycles – an audit has been undertaken of the use of bikes on pavements on the Gloucester Road and I hope this will be discussed at the next Neighbourhood Forum meeting on January 25th. Kings Drive has been surface-dressed, and the Council are undertaking a feasibility study on how to improve the traffic flow around the Longmead Avenue and Gloucester Road junction and the pedestrian crossing outside Sainsbury’s.

Over the last few months public money has been allocated to improve the quality of life within the Bishopston area. “Section 106 money” (money paid to the Council by developers to offset the consequences of new developments) to the tune of £8683 is to be spent on St Andrews Park and Horfield Common, as a result of the development at 288 Gloucester Road. There is a possibility of a further £60,000, arising from developments at the Ashley Down City of Bristol site: a possible option is to assist the rebuilding of the Scout Hut in Bartholomew Road. Both parks and the Scout Hut are facilities enjoyed by many people of all ages within both Bishopston and Redland wards. In addition further funding was approved at the October and January meetings of the Neighbourhood Forum from the Wellbeing Budget:
Bishopston and Redland Anti Graffiti Project    This is an ongoing project, using volunteers, to work in tandem with Bristol City Council in monitoring and removing graffiti
Noah’s Ark, Cairns Road    A community pre-school education and parent support project
Ashley Down Rd Schools PSA    A professional artist to work with junior school classes to produce a mural facing Tortworth Rd
Chess in Schools and the Community     To promote the opportunity for all children in Year 3 to learn chess at Colston and St Bonaventures primary schools by
a) establishing it as part of the curriculum
b) the school developing a chess club for those interested to play more
c) using volunteers to run a drop in chess club on Saturdays in a local library for players of all ages.
BC&R Partnership
Business development worker for the Cotham Hill/Whiteladies Road area    To employ a part time business support worker to
a) facilitate the local businesses to set up their own trade organisation
b) to work with the Council’s initiative to encourage small businesses to flourish
c) facilitate a range of promotional events.

This leaves a balance of just over £15,000 to be allocated during 2011/12. The next deadline for funding is February 20th 2012. The application form and details of the criteria are available from . Please let local organisations know about this fund if you think they might benefit by a small grant.
Trees will be a candidate for some of this money as the Neighbourhood Partnership is planning to plant more trees in 2012/13. Thirty possible sites (24 of them in Bishopston and Redland wards) have been forwarded to the Council to be assessed for suitability and will be agreed at the April or June full Partnership meeting (see below for the dates). Then private money will be sought to match fund money from the Wellbeing Fund
Finally, £30,000 from the Bristol City Council’s sustainable transport bid is earmarked to improve the Gloucester Road area north of the junction with Zetland Road. This might mean that the Promenade area will be tidied up… watch this space! The Council is working with the Gloucester Road Task Force to ensure that the money will be well spent (see the website article Gloucester Road Makeover).
Improvements to our roads and the flow of traffic will be decided at the Neighbourhood Partnership meeting on April 2nd. There are likely to be some in the Bishopston area. You have an opportunity to comment on the options at the Public Forums in March. and your views will be taken into account by the Partnership at the April meeting. So do make sure your voice is heard – the dates of the Forums and Partnership meetings are below.

 Jenny Hoadley     -  Bishopston Society representative on the Neighbourhood Partnership

These are public meetings open to all local residents. They usually start at 7pm. Check the website for the venue.

Monday 5th March(Memorial Ground)    Bishopston
Wednesday 14th March (venue tbc)    Cotham
Wednesday 7th March (Cairns Rd Baptist Church    Redland
Wednesday 16th May (venue tbc)    Bishopston
Monday 14th May (venue tbc)    Cotham
Wednesday 9th May (venue tbc)    Redland
Wednesday 5th September (venue tbc)    Bishopston
Tuesday 4th September (venue tbc)    Cotham
Thursday 6th September    Redland

These are public meetings open to all local residents at 7pm. If possible have a look at the agenda and reports beforehand on the Council website (see above for the web address) and check the venue.

    Monday 2nd April 2012
    Monday 18th June 2012
Monday 7th October 2012

Jenny Hoadley
Bishopston Society representative on the Neighbourhood Partnership