Those of you who attended the Public Forums in Redland or Bishopston wards in March will have had a chance to look at the “short list “of proposals for Minor Traffic Schemes for 2012/13. With only £25K to spend, most of the proposals would not be funded. Taking into account views expressed at the Forums and in the Councillors’ “post-boxes”, weighing up safety priorities, and through complicated financial contortions, a final list was “squeezed out” which provided the maximum amount of work possible within the given budget:

a) changed parking restrictions between Hatherley Rd and Clevedon Rd for the benefit of both shoppers and traders

b) changed parking restrictions around St Bonaventure’s and Bishop Rd Primary schools to reduce congestion especially at the beginning and ending of the school day

c) Improved lines and signage through the Partnership area

This leaves a small surplus which may be directed towards improving the safety of the entrance to St Andrews Park on Effingham Road later in the year.

From another budget it was agreed that Bishop and Cairns Roads would be “surface-dressed” this year, alongside other roads within the Partnership area. For the full details look at the minutes of the 2nd April meeting on (

The Partnership meeting on April 2nd also agreed to allocate £5,368.62 from the Wellbeing Fund:

* Aardagh Bowling and Sports Club – £738
. To update CCTV surveillance equipment, as a response to local vandalism (conditional on police approval of the equipment proposed)

* Friends of Horfield Common - £950. A contribution to the arts and entertainment activities at the all day Jubilee Picnic

* Cotham Primary School PTFA - £500
. For equipment and plants in the school gardens to underpin the environmental education curriculum

* Good Shepherd Neighbourhood Watch - £283. For equipment for a “playing out” scheme in Queens Drive

* Redland Green Community Group - £397.62. For equipment, plants etc to enhance the wildlife diversity at Redland Green

* Salaam Shalom Media - £500. A community interest company committed to building bridges between Muslim and Jewish cultures and the wider communities through the education system. Both St Bonaventure’s and Ashley Down Primary schools wish to participate and will be twinned with schools in another area to increase their awareness of diverse cultures through education, media, dialogue and the creative arts.

* Playing Out - £2,000
. A community development project to encourage streets within the partnership area to run playing out schemes (see the Good Shepherd neighbour Watch scheme).

In such a built up area with less green space per capita than in other part of Bristol, the Partnership is keen to promote the concept of reclaiming the streets for play purposes, thus it was pleased to fund two such projects this time. As these schemes are supervised by local parents and neighbours, it has the additional benefit of promoting “neighbourliness” which in itself promotes wellbeing.

There is still well over £5000 in the Wellbeing fund which will be rolled over to 2012/13. The next deadlines for applications are June 11th and October 22nd, decisions for funding being made at the October 2012 and New Year Partnership meetings respectively. So plan ahead for projects to be undertaken in 2013. The application form and details of the criteria are available from . Please let local organisations know about this fund if you think they might benefit by a small grant.

The Partnership has always been concerned about how best to involve local residents especially young people, as our Partnership has a comparatively low age profile. There was some debate at the meeting about this, and it was resolved to build up more contacts with Bristol Youth Parliament and through the community support workers and their work with local secondary schools. If you have any ideas please let our website know or contact the Neighbourhood Partnership Co-ordinator directly:

At the same time the question has been raised about whether a subgroup of the Partnership should be created which would focus on the needs of older people. Even if there are no significant financial worries, isolation due to frailty and bereavements of close family and friends is a recognised wellbeing issue in our society today. If you have an interest in this field please contact this website or Andrew McGrath (see above).

Jenny Hoadley

Bishopston Society Neighbourhood Partnership representative


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These are public meetings open to all local residents at 7pm. If possible have a look at the agenda and reports beforehand on the Council website (see above for the web address) and check the venue.

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