The last NP Committee Meeting was on May 25th 2010. A paper on membership and one about a more transparent process for the allocation of the Wellbeing Budget (I presented the latter) were agreed with few modifications. There was much discussion about how to involve more people in the Committee and public forum meetings and the activates promoted by the Partnership – engagement was a major issue. There are now five subgroups:

  • Social engagement
  • Wellbeing grant process
  • Highways and pavements
  • Street plant tubs
  • Trees.

Anyone can join these without the sponsorship of a local organisation and are not requested to attend Committee meetings. Application is made to Jo Holmes at the City Council who would forward details to the Chair of each group.

There are public forum meetings held in each electoral ward on a quarterly basis. This is due to the statutory responsibility on the police to consult on an electoral ward basis quarterly. However the agendas are not controlled by the police, but they have a major slot on the agenda. Dates are on the Council website:

The next Committee Meeting is on July 8th. The first tranche of grant allocations will be made on September 30th Committee meeting.