The work of the Partnership continues to be extensive and relevant to residents of Bishopston. Read more to find out more about the Gloucester Road, trees, parks, and residents parking schemes, and the Wellbeing Fund.


The Promenade on the Gloucester Road will see improvements this autumn. Changes will include some new street trees, removal of loading bays to be replaced with short term parking bays, and revised bus stop arrangements. The public will be consulted as part of the normal processes for traffic regulation orders. Bin storage on the pavement has been a longstanding issue for local people: this will be dealt with through the multidisciplinary Partnership
Street Scene group. Councillor Fi Hance is part of that group so can be contacted with issues pertaining to the Promenade.

 What will be of significance to the Gloucester Rd in future years is the implementation of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) on all planning permissions on new development. The Neighbourhood Partnership will receive 15% of any levy charged within the Partnership area, and it can spent it on any of the three wards to   a) add to or improve infrastructure
or b) anything else concerned with addressing the demands of that development. The Sainsbury development on the Memorial ground will generate a very large levy, which for the Partnership will means thousands
of pounds to be spent on parks, community buildings, library improvements, transport schemes and enhancements to the Gloucester Rd itself.

The Residents Parking Scheme (RPS) issue is of great concern to both the traders on the Gloucester Road and residents, and was a source of heated exchanges with the Mayor at the 'Super Forum' on May 7th at the Horfield Baptist Church. Everyone is anxiously watching the Cotham and North Redland scheme which is to be rolled out by the beginning of 2014. At the Partnership meeting on March 25th there was agreement that a 'one size fits all' approach could not be applied for RPS's and that it was crucial that a thorough review be conducted 6 months after implementation. In addition it stressed the importance of taking a pragmatic approach to ensure that businesses and people employed in the area were not disadvantaged by the RPSs, Your Councillors are the right people to contact with your views, or try directly online at: for more details.

The way to protect our shopping streets is to make them attractive places to work in and to visit. To give the Gloucester Road a boost, the Partnership allocated £2000 toward hanging baskets for the Gloucester Road this
summer. To this sum was added a contribution from the Gloucester Road traders, collecting boxes placed in local shops, the Bishopston Society and £800 from the Open Gardens event in Bishopston on May 19th.
Thanks to donations from many parts of our community, there will be at least 40 hanging baskets on 20 lamp posts between The Promenade and the Ashley Down Road junction this summer.

Each year the Partnership has to choose one of our park areas to put forward a tree plan for funding from the Council - this year it has chosen Redland Green. In addition there will be three street trees planted in the Redland/Cotham area this year, and a further three along on the Gloucester Road and Muller Road - a final decision on sites will await the new Tree Officer starting work in the Council.

For those of you who live in north Bishopston you may have noticed on Thursday afternoons an outdoor play scheme operating on Horfield Common for 8-13 year olds. This is the only supervised outdoor play scheme in our area for this age group, and has been funded by the Partnership for one year. From 2014, if it is successful, Friends of Horfield Commons, local schools and other local organisation will need to put together a funding plan to keep it going. The Council has £100,000 to upgrade the play equipment on Horfield Common - long overdue. Whether to re-site the play area was a major debate at the Partnership meeting on March 25th; the outcome was for the Council to continue further discussion with local residents and Friends of Horfield Common and to report
back to a later meeting of the Partnership.

At the January 21st Partnership meeting, just under £30,000 from the Wellbeing fund was allocated to various groups across the Partnership area. The ones which benefited (full or part funding) in the Bishopston area are:    

  •  Dipping pond platforms for the Golden Hill Community Garden
  • · Support for an educational " home orchard" project at Horfield Organic Community Orchard
  • · Set up costs for Sefton Park football club
  • · Pied Piper play group
  • · Public outdoor film event in St Andrews park this summer
  • · Public outdoor performance and drama event in St Andrews Park this summer (details on this website)
  • · Musical instruments and the gardening club at Ashley Down Infant and Junior Schools
  • · Preparation costs for the new scout hut for 63rd Bristol scouts Sefton Park
  • · Activities at "Extra Time", the club for people with dementia based at the Rovers Football Club
  • · Collection boxes for the Gloucester Road traders for the hanging baskets
  • · Three street trees.

At the meeting on 25th March, a further £1460 was granted to provide a graffiti removal training course. The course was held in May and attended by some residents form the Bishopston area. It is due to dedicated volunteers like these that "tagging" and flyposting has slowly but steadily been removed from our area.

The next and final deadline for the Wellbeing fund for 2013/14 is October 1st 2013. Think ahead to projects you might want to do in 2014/15 as final decisions will not be made until January 2014. Please tell any organisation you know of which might benefit from a small grant to get their applications in on time.

Clive Stevens who came to speak to the Bishopston Society in September 2012 on trees has been the Chair of the Partnership. After four years he has decided to stand down and commit his voluntary time to other activities. Having a local resident as Chair has been a huge advantage for the Partnership as the relationship with Council staff can be on a different basis to that of an elected councillor. Clive will be sadly missed but a new Chair, to be elected at the June Partnership meeting, will offer something equally positive but different. After all, local democratic organisations should be dynamic and changing - a new Chair and now one of the six councillors from the Green Party - will bring in a new era for the Partnership.

Jenny Hoadley
Partnership rep for the Bishopston Society