You may have seen this logo recently in Bishopston Matters:-

It is Bristol City Council’s strategy for engaging more people in local democracy, and devolving Council services to a neighbourhood level. Bristol is divided into 14 partnerships, each a group of two or more electoral wards. We are in the Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership (go to for more details).


The activities are run by a Neighbourhood Partnership Committee (the six elected councillors) who are advised by up to 8 reps from local community organisations, including Bishopston Society, and up to three local residents. (Currently Jenny Hoadley is the rep from the Bishopston Society - see "How to get involved").


The whole group is called the Neighbourhood Partnership and in 2010/11 has the power to spend

  • over £40,000 on highways , recycling etc
  • £30,000 wellbeing budget to enhance the quality of life of local people, most of which will grant aid local activities (see "Wellbeing grants available" for more)

...and advise on the spend of a further £0.75 million covering street cleaning, open spaces, parks and other activities.


The Partnership meetings are open to the public and are held six times a year (check the above website for dates and venues). They are chaired by either a councillor or a community rep in the Partnership. If you wish to attend, it is a good idea to have a look at the agenda beforehand on the above website.


In addition there are Open Forum meetings every quarter in each ward (check the above website for dates and venues). The agenda always includes issues around local policing and community safety but there are also opportunities for local people to have your say about how you want your local area to be. Meetings are chaired by local councillors.


Contact Jenny our rep via our online contact form.


Joanna Holmes is the Bristol City Council Co-ordinator responsible for our Partnership. You can contact her on (Tel:0117 903 6898).