The Bishopston Society suspended operations in October 2019. This is nothing to do with any virus, pandemic or lockdown. It's "just" due to lack of people to run it.

To all intents and purposes, we are therefore CLOSED. We are trying to maintain some interest via Facebook (and to a lesser exent Twitter) - see our social media feeds on the right hand side of our web site. The web site itself is not being updated (much), but all our work over the years is still represented well  on the site, so we hope it will remain a useful resource....

.....and the possibility of the organisation being revived (quite possibly with a new name, and maybe refocused goals) has not been ruled out. It "just" needs some community support in the form of fresh new people-power, ie volunteers to get things going again, a small team maybe. Those of us left behind from the pre-October committee have undertaken to help anyone stepping forward, and are keeping things alive, if dormant, in case a handover to a new leader/group becomes possible.

Why are we closed? Can YOU help?

Our work was put on hold due to a leadership crisis. A public meeting gave massive support for a continuation of our work, and generated lots of good ideas. But nobody has come forward to carry those ideas forward. A vacuum has therefore been left, but it can be filled.....

If you can help in some (any!) form, or contribute to this debate, please use our Contact form to let us know or drop an email in to .

For further details and more on the background, please follow links below:-

high rise This meeting is on Thursday, March 5th, 7pm at the Arnolfini. More details here


BCR street scene BCR STREET SCENE NEWSLETTER February 5th 2020

1. Monday February 10th Drop in session 4.30 – 6pm Bishopston Library
2. BCR Street Scene meeting Thursday Feb 27th 7 pm Bishopston Library
3. Great Bristol Spring Clean March 20th to April 20th
4. BCC Clean Streets Forum
5. Community Infrastructure Levy ( CIL) Funding

bcrcp BCR CP Public Forum meeting is on Feb 4th. Detais are here

castle green bristol avon england uk europe A flattering result which is in part based on the perceived air quality of the City! But some might argue that khaki rather than green is a more relevant colour, given our car-choked roads and their often highly polluted air. More on this 'award' here

The Bishopston Society has issued an urgent appeal for help to keep the organisation going in some form, in the face of the threat of closure.

Despite lots of support in principle being offered at a recent, well attended special meeting, it still faces a crisis of leadership, in the form of a big gap between those wanting its work to continue in some form in principle and those prepared to make it happen in practice. The mid-November meeting voted to explore options for continuing, but nobody is available to lead us forward.

Can YOU help?

Bristol map 15 cent Can you help with a request from Pete Insole of Bristol City Council? He is asking for any financial donations, however small, to fund a project to construct a map of Bristol in 1480. More information on this project can be found here

RPZ Bishopston and St Andrews Traffic and Parking Group (BOSA) give more details of this survey and discuss its implications for a Residents Parking Scheme. See the full BOSA background paper and discussion below:

Ashley ward You can read the latest news from local Green Party Councillor Jude English here


organic orchard Learn more about growing fruit on the  9 month seasonal course hosted by Horfield Organic Community Orchard. Details can be found here