P1060066 edited 1Get creative with Bishopston Window Wanderland. Window Wanderland is celebrating five years of creative fun this year and it all started here in Bishopston.

From this one small event, Wanderlands have been created across the UK and as far afield as Canada helping to bring communities and neighbours together. Now the festivities are over put your creative hats on as preparations for Bishopston Window Wanderland weekend which are in full swing.

P1050877 edited 1Dozens of people have already signed up to make window displays which will light up our  streets on 9-11 February - and there is still time to get involved.If you want to make a display please sign up here

There are a series of art workshops happening at The Ardagh on Horfield Common after Christmas, each Thursday from 6-8.30pm from Jan 10th through to Feb 7th. You can explore your ideas and your creativity with an artist.

We'd  love to hear the stories behind your window display.What was your inspiration? If you're making something that is special to you and your family let us know your story -

We are also looking for volunteers to help us organise future events. If you would like to help contact