P1120337 Copy   September Action Hour during Sat Sept 28th or Sunday 29th

After a break in August, this month we would like to try something different.

Please can you suggest what you would like to be done? Look around the area and see what needs doing.

  • Is it epicormic tree growth like a group of Redland residents tackled on Thursday?
  • Would it improve the street if vegetation over growing onto the pavement was cut back.?
  • Is there too much graffiti tagging in your road?
  • Would it help if bins were labelled, cleaned and returned back off the pavement ?
  • Does somewhere need a group to litter pick?

 If you are willing to help lead a group, we can try and recruit other Street Scene Volunteers to join you. This could be on either the Saturday or Sunday, whatever day or time suits you best.

Contact us via BCR Street Champions Facebook page or


They have mostly moved in and about to start a new academic year. It will be the second year students first time living in the community.

So welcome and help them by explaining about:-

Waste and recycling- A collection calendar helps or one of our welcome flyers, or direct them to BWC web site


Worth reading yourselves.

Noise - suggest you introduce your young children as an explanation, if needed, why late night noise is such a problem. Noise generally has the greatest number of complaints.

Anti social behaviour - well what can I say except that from September Uof B students engaging in anti-social behaviour in the community will be fined £1,000. This has been signed off by the Vice Chancellor

Joni Lloyd has left the U of B Community Liaison Manager role in August and joined the St Mungo’s team. The email is a shared mailbox and will be monitored until a replacement is recruited.

Rich Barnston is Head of Security at UWE and has taken over the Community Liaison role from Nigel England.

Bishopston Community Fair September 21st 1-3.30 pm at Bishopston Library.

Unfortunately, we had no offers of help so there are no plans for a BCR SSG stall but the student Welcome Flyers will be available on the BCR Community Partnership table. If anyone would like to fly the BCR SSG flag they would be welcome to join Alison Bromilow on the Community Partnership stall.

BWC Community Engagement officers

As reported last month there are three new Community Engagement officers Guillaume, Gemma and Ewan. At present they will not be assigned particular areas but will respond to requests emailed to T: 0117 304 9022

They have been invited to join us at a drop-in meeting but I am not sure anyone is available this time.

BWC are working to tidy up the Montpelier and Bishopston areas

The project is aimed at improving the street scene, reducing fly tipping and removing unsightly broken and abandoned receptacles which cause issues for residents. As part of the High Street Project in June, Liz and Jess Tuilt ( BWC) went down the road identifying bins etc to be removed. Read more about what BWC are doing.


Reminder that you can join the BCR Street Scene Closed Facebook page by requesting to join. This is the best way to keep up to date with what is happening.