BCR street scene BCR STREET SCENE NEWSLETTER February 5th 2020

1. Monday February 10th Drop in session 4.30 – 6pm Bishopston Library
2. BCR Street Scene meeting Thursday Feb 27th 7 pm Bishopston Library
3. Great Bristol Spring Clean March 20th to April 20th
4. BCC Clean Streets Forum
5. Community Infrastructure Levy ( CIL) Funding



1. Monday February 10th 4.30 – 6pm Bishopston Library

Informal 'drop in' meeting for BCR Street Champions, friends, supporters and interested parties.

For the first 30 mins or so (16:30 - 17:00) we will focus on how to report issues online to various parties (BCC, police, BT etc), how to down load and send photos, access the BCR Facebook page etc and then from 17:00 onwards we will do a quick 'round-table' to give everyone chance to raise any concerns, issues and/or suggestions for priorities and 'action hours' for the year ahead.

All welcome.

2. BCR Street Scene meeting Thursday Feb 27th 7 pm – 9 pm Bishopston Library

It has been some time since we held our last open meeting. With the demise of the Neighbourhood Partnerships we have not had many opportunities to share with a wider audience what work BCR Street Scene has done and formulate plans for the future.
We are putting the agenda together at the moment but would like to hear from you about what you would like on the agenda and who you would like us to invite to attend. Please phone / email back your suggestions.


3. A month of action : Great Bristol Spring Clean March 20th to April 20th

Last year BCR SSG encouraged people to contact BWC if they wanted to do something for the BCC Spring Clean but after the success we had with the Great British High Street month of action we thought we could try and concentrate action hours around a month of action this year.

So ideas please ! What do you want to get done?. Blitz/ educate a street with “ bin” issues, overpaint some long standing graffiti, weed a street instead of having glyphosate used by BCC, getting your neighbours involved with cleaning up your own street (your effort with BCR equipment), helping the Gloucester & Cheltenham Rd team with clean ups, planters etc. Lots of things are possible but it needs some planning so please get in touch.


4. BCC Clean Streets Forum

Several of the BCR SSG core group attend one or more of the Clean Streets Forums. Most of us would prefer not to attend meetings but are worthwhile when you manage to get change. Over the last eighteen months we have helped get a new BCC / BWC Graffiti & fly-posting removal Indemnity / permission form accepted so a new one does not have to be signed every six months, and convinced the powers that be that BCR SSG are doing an amazing job in reducing the effects of graffiti tagging and that they should supply us with paint since we have no funding. Basic colours only, but they still makes a huge difference. We have also ensured that key police officers attend the Clean Streets Graffiti Action Group on a regular basis and we are now seeing positive signs of action and engagement. These are a few examples why it has been worth while attending.

The Community Liaison meetings with the University of Bristol have ceased so good to see that Gordon Scofield (UofB Community Liaison Officer) was invited to the Clean Streets Forum . Have requested that someone from UWE be invited .



5. Community Infrastructure Levy ( CIL) Funding

Last year we were successful in getting CIL funding to have some anti-graffiti coating (AGC) applied to some brick or bath stone walls within BCR, this work is being carried out now. Photos can be seen on BCR Facebook page. An example below. This wall has been tagged several times as it is in a prime position for tagging . The wall was cleaned and an AGC applied. That wall is now much easier for the owners, BWC or ourselves to keep clean,

 street scene 1

Graffiti on a brick building

street scene 2


Reminder that you can join the BCR Street Scene Closed Facebook page by requesting to join. This is the best way to keep up to date with what is happening.