Bristol City Council, in partnership with community groups, business interests and other stakeholders, is looking to produce a 'Local List' to provide greater protection for heritage assets.

The 'Local List' will not include those structures currently protected as Listed Buildings, as Scheduled Ancient Monuments or through their location in a Conservation Area.

A set of criteria has been formulated by the Council  which should, if these are met when applied to a potentially interesting local building or other feature of perceived merit, confer a quasi-protected status on them by their identification as worthy of placing on a 'Local List'. 

This concept of developing 'Local Lists' across Bristol has been looked at before on this website with the particular focus on the Bishopston area to either side of the Gloucester Road. See:

Arguably, it would seem we have, in and around the Bishopston area (excluding the stretch of the Gloucester Road which has already been designated a 'Conservation Area') examples of buildings of sufficient quality which could be considered for 'Local List' recognition. 

The Council's criteria are based on seven headings:-

  • Local character
  • Architectural Merit
  • Historic Importance
  • Artistic Interest
  • Archaeological Interest
  • Community Value
  • Other factors such as its rarity or how typical it is of Bristol

Bristol City Council is asking for comments and views on the full list of 'Local List' criteria and you can access this consultation questionnaire which details the full list with examples at:

If there is anyone who would be interested in 'surveying' for potential 'Local List' buildings in the Bishopston neighbourhood and/or who knows of a building(s) that meets some of the main criteria for this status , please contact