The BCR Street Scene group, under the auspices of Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership, is still looking for people who wish to help improve their local area by acting as 'Street Champions'.

There is a Street Champions meeting soon (see below) at which volunteers can learn what and how to report things such as graffiti or litter to different agencies and how to keep the core group informed where further work is needed by identifying unresolved problems that BCR NP may be able to tackle.

If you would like to know more then do contact :
Lynn Parfitt,  Neighbourhood Development officer  or Liz Kew, Chair of BCR Street Scene Group    
     0117  9036978               07979691884   

The next Street Champions meeting is on Thursday October 10th at 6.30 at Redland Green School. 
The main theme will be enforcement. Martin Lawrence, one of the BCC enforcement officers will be joining us as well as a representative of our Neighbourhood Police team.

News from the BCR Street Scene group:

•    Over the last couple of years the Gloucester Road volunteers have worked hard to reduce the level of flyposting along  the Gloucester Road.  
•    They have also participated in the city wide flyposting enforcement week to combat flyposting.  
•    The objective of the week is to tell the BCC enforcement officers and the local police which clubs / promoters are the worst offenders and where the flyposters are being posted.    
•    This year the Street Champions and Neighbourhood Watch groups have been asked to join in this week. 

A Student Liaison meeting is held biannually, with UWE and U of B.
•    The July forum discussed issues related to students and the community. In particular transport, noise, waste and recycling and antisocial behaviour. 
•    In attendance were:-
o    Representatives from local resident associations and other special interest groups from the areas including, but not exclusively, Redland, Clifton, Cotham, Kingsdown , Hotwells and Southville.   
o    Community Liaison officers from both universities and their student unions.
o     Local and university police, BCC offices, and Ward Councillors.

A “Residents support” flyer and a student “welcome to the road” flyer
•    This has been produced by Gay Johns, a Street Champion and the RCAS student rep. This has been made possible thanks to grants from both U of B and UWE.  
•    These two flyers are skilfully packed with all the information that residents and students need about  community living with regard to students. Both were available at the Forums. 
•    For further copies contact Lynn Parfitt      Tel:  0117  9036978
•    Useful link:

Hazel Avenue lanes, Redland , a walk to school route. 
•    Probation Service’s Community pay back men have painted out graffiti on a long fence, cleared vegetation and swept the upper lane. The bottom lane also had all the graffiti removed with volunteers painting or cleaning three garages. The project is now completed except where owners have not given permission to clean off the graffiti.

Cromwell Road ( Rear of shops) , North Road , Old Toilets by Cheltenham Rd arches. 
•    The area by the Old Toilets has not been good for a long time but has been looking even worse during the last six months. The graffiti tagging was getting completely out of hand on the old toilets and the stone could no longer be pressure washed. So the NP Street Scene Group arranged for it to be painted by Nordic Pioneer with Dulux Weathershield masonry paint which is a breathable paint.
•    For two years someone, either an individual or a shop has been dumping bundled cardboard outside 1 North Road (near the old toilets). The BCC enforcement officer has checked for identification several times and visited shops but cannot identify the culprit. Unfortunately these bundles always attract more fly tipping.   Anyone with information please contact Lynn Parfitt or Liz Kew
•    Car park at the back of Maplins store was weeded and litter picked as well as the section of Cromwell Road behind the Cheltenham Rd shops, ready for the 120 Northwell House first year students who arrived Saturday Sept. 21st.  
•    Network rail land opposite the old toilets was litter picked this Sunday and all the vegetation cut back by Community pay back. Too often the litter bin by the bus stop is overflowing because it has not been emptied.  If you see this please can you email / phone customer services:  or phone:  0117   922 2100

•    After two years “nagging” Network Rail have finally replaced the metal nets under the Cheltenham Road bridge so the pigeons cannot live there. 
•    There are still pigeons living inside the old toilet building and the man feeding the pigeons has still not been identified and deterred. If you have any information about the man or anyone feeding pigeons please inform Lynn Parfitt or Liz Kew. 
•    It is good to see that pigeon deterrent wires have been installed at the old Bristol North Baths. 
Redland Road. The lower slope of Network rail land under the railway arch was litter picked and cut back last weekend. An amazing amount of litter was removed!

The new city wide Neighbourhood working  initiative has been tackling the problem of the few Gloucester Road traders who seem to not realise that their A board positioned inconsiderately can block the narrow pavements for pedestrians, the elderly and mothers with push chairs