In June 2013 the Chancellor announced that the government would be consulting on proposed changes to how English Heritage delivers its services, specifically the management and maintenance of the National Heritage Collection.

 The consultation on this proposal was published on 6th December 2013.

'Civic Voice', the national charity for the civic movement in England says:

We now know that a new charitable arm, retaining the name English Heritage will be responsible for managing all of the historic sites, while a new organisation called "Historic England" will be created and keep responsibilities for advising on and helping to conserve England’s wider historic environment.

The new charitable status will give English Heritage freedom to raise funds – with a target of finding £83 million from third parties.
Please note Civic Voice will develop a briefing and share it with Civic Voice members. As a movement, we have a once in a generation opportunity to influence the future protection of the nation's historic environment.

The Government is consulting on these prposed changes to English Heritage and the consultation document can be seen here: