AGENDA – 1 hour 55 mins (tea break about 1 hour in)

1. Introductions and news updates

2. Public Forum statements (must be written in brief and sent to the Chair – see email at bottom - by Friday 10th Jan by midday).
- Each public forum statement allowed 5 mins discussion.


3. Review of strategy to increase Bristol’s tree canopy % and implications of budget cuts and PiPS program (website – link at bottom - NEWS section for PiPS video and print off the budget page).

Where does it leave us with our aims:
- street tree stump replacements
- parks planting plans
- encouragement for garden trees
- veteran/iconic trees
- tree champions (Jim Smith)
- partnership working (paper by John Tarlton and Vassili Papastavrou – to come - will be posted on website)

Tea break

4. Organisation of Committee – Bristol wide roles. In order to achieve the goals in 3 above we need to set up subgroups. Experience has shown any group should have a “leader” name currently underlined.
- Communications (Guy, Clive + one other): website, twitter, email…
- Tree Champions (PiPS and other TC roles); Jim, Michele + one other
- Veteran trees (Richard, Jim and Vas?): trails, protection policies, database…
- Tree stump replacement ….
- Garden/private trees (?) booklet, events..
- Planning (Clive + ?) Policies and applications.
- External agencies (?) TDAG, BEGC2015..)
- Executive / Council liaison (i.e. with Gus Hoyt)
- Fundraising….
- Minute taking….(currently we rely on Richard Ennion and its not his job to do this).

5. Elections of Chair and Vice Chairs:
All candidates must have emailed Richard Ennion by 9am on Monday 13th. To vote
you must be the TreeForum representative of a community group. If you are unsure just ask the Chair of your group.
(i) Election of the Chair (max continuous time 3 years, elected annually)
(ii) Vice Chairs (elected annually). Note: a preference expressed by the current Chair that anyone standing for vice chair would realistically consider standing for Chair in 2014.
6. AOB (for info only)
7. Date and time of next meeting is: TBA
Contact emails:
- papers by midday 7th Jan (will be posted on Website)
- and public forum statements by midday 10th Jan to:
- Chair/Vice Chair candidates to by 9am on Monday

 A new (draft) TreeForum website is here: