This city-wide project has emerged through collaboration, and in response to a wide range of shared aims, interests and ambitions of the partners involved.

The project aims to contribute to the wide-ranging programme of activity taking place in Bristol in celebration of the achievement of the title of European Green Capital City 2015; the first UK city to hold this prestigious award.

More on this project can be seen at this website here

 Sam Thomson is responsible for the content of that website and she says:

It is confirmed that the parts of this project being resourced by UWE are agreed & 'ready to go' as part of UWE's commitment to support Bristol Green Capital 2015 (and this is a substantial resource which will enable us to achieve a lot of the aims/strands of work), but the involvement of a number of the community-based partners e.g KWMC, Ujima Radio, The Restore Trust etc is contingent on sponsorship being secured through Bristol 2015 to enable them to take part. I am really hopeful that we will be able to secure this funding as I think that the potential for the project in supporting the Green Capital aims is enormous, as well as enabling much more visibility for parks and green spaces in the city with the potential future benefits that this may bring in terms of finances which can support maintenance and improvement of these crucial assets for residents (and visitors).
Crucially for BPF members - in terms of the programme of skills development workshops for parks groups volunteers - 90% of this can be delivered through UWE's resource & commitment to the project, so I am confident that we are not raising aspirations unreasonably at this point & happy to promote this activity now.