From Clive Stevens:

Dear Friend of Bristol’s trees – You may know I am stepping down as Chair of the TreeForum in January 2015 (my 3 & 1/2  years are up). I do plan to stand as Vice Chair but we will need a Chair or 2 Co-Chairs to take the helm during 2015 and onwards (Could be a gradual handover?).

It is really important this job is done, the TreeForum has proved itself a robust body holding politicians and officers to account, protecting and planting trees and has a long term strategy to make tree funding sustainable. It would be a disaster for the current and future residents of Bristol if we lost momentum.

 Below, I list the activities I currently do and should be doing. I don’t have to stop them all, and even if you don’t want to become Chair, if you take on one of these activities it will help the team.

 Hoping that the real legacy of 2015 is a strong tree forum with a  variety of talent on skills. If you want to contact me, please do so at:

Tree Forum – tasks:

  • Planning: Commenting on Policy (BCS9, BCAP, DM15 and DM17 and Sth Glos)
  • Commenting on individual planning applications.
  • Chairing meeting, setting the agenda, allowing debate, summarising, checking the minutes
  • Communications: Maintaining the website, writing press releases and articles, talks, forums
  • Focus: For the public who notify if they have tree related problems and I pass on to the appropriate person/organisation.
  • Network: Liaise with other groups e.g. Parks Forum, 2015, TDAG…
  • Council: Work on putting the Tree Forum’s opinion across (Officers, Councillors, Assistant and Mayor).
  • NPs: Liaise with Neighbourhood Partnerships to get trees as a priority and help with planting.
  • Recruit: tree champions, train and support them.
  • Strategy: Vision (Tree Canopy) and actions that can support that undertaken by volunteers.
  • Fund raise: (Yet to start).