Clive Stevens, Chair of Bristol Tree Forum says:

Dear Friend of Bristol’s Trees – You are invited to the TreeForum meeting on Monday 6th Oct at 6pm. Members of the public and representatives of community organisations, it is really important you flex your democratic muscles and come if you can!

At this meeting we will be understanding the reality following the implementation of 30% cuts to the tree department’s revenue budget. Separately, Jon Clark, Director of the Forest of Avon Trust has done a study valuing some of the benefits of trees in North Somerset (£1.7m per annum). We will review the PiPS (Trees in Schools) program, also the revived TreeBristol (street trees program) and are continuing with our approach for sustainable external funding once the PiPS program is over. Would be good to see you. Tea and biscuits provided.

Kind regards – Clive (Chair BTF)

Agenda: Bristol Tree Forum – 6th Oct – 18.05 to 20.00 at The Pavillion
(Above Jack’s Brasserie, Harbourside, next to Lloyds).

1) 60 second news – send in items please, they need to be emailed to
the Chair by Sunday the 5th email

2) Measuring the benefits of trees – iTree calculation by Forest of Avon
Trust (attached) worth £1.7m/yr removing pollutants in Nth Somerset.

3) The Council to outline resources and policy following the huge
changes triggered by the budget cuts (approx. 30% off tree department
budget), budget announced late 2013 and being implemented now:
- 2014/15 Richard Ennion to explain people changes, leavers, movers
and recruitment. Relevant policy changes: e.g. Neighbourhood
Partnerships to trigger tree replacement and planting requirements (see
attached letter to All NPs) ideally with volunteers finding locations. New
contract for tree maintenance. Consideration of suggestion regarding
notification of Councillors if felling Council trees.
- 2015/16 budget to be cut another £100k? Richard Ennion to explain
what this would mean. Gus Hoyt sends his apologies but has said, ”
Please do announce my intentions for me to work with you on this”.
- Planting: PiPS (Planting in primary schools, now runs an extra year to
16/17); programme 2014/15, need for tree wardens. TreeBristol, street
tree program, prices and pilots for 2014/15, Amount of developer (S106)
contributions, BGC Grants availability for 2015/16.

4) Longer term – External sponsorship/funding to continue planting trees
on a sustainable basis; initial ideas on how the Council would manage
this? Maybe a tender to external charities.

5) Discussion about new Committee and Chair for 2015
Next meeting January 19th 2015 (probably) – it will be our AGM including
setting up and elections to Committee. More information ( including a how to get to 'The Pavilion' map) at: