While not part of our immediate ‘patch’, the Lower Severn Vale Levels landscape forms one of the largest areas of countryside close to North Bristol. Because its scenery is not spectacular and is in places scarred by industrial developments, it is probably a place that we don’t often think of visiting when we want to get away from our urban surroundings for a day out.

But it is nevertheless an area that has an interesting history and still holds valuable habitats for wild life.

 ‘A Forgotten Landscape’ is the Group Partnership Project that has been set up to restore and improve the biodiversity and natural and cultural heritage of these Levels.
The good news is that the Heritage Lottery Fund has just awarded over £1,000,000 to ‘A Forgotten Landscape’ so that this scheme can now be funded for the next 3.5 years, starting in January 2015.


More about this fascinating project, with a map showing the area and details of the aims can be found here