As you may already know, Friends of Horfield Common are very excited to be bringing incredible outdoor play opportunities for children and young people back to Horfield Common in 2015!

Last year the APE Project on Horfield Common (which was funded through a charitable grant) saw 30-40 local children at EVERY session! We want this to continue!

Over the course of 2015, APE Project will be delivering amazing outdoor play sessions on Horfield Common every week during term time - for 39 weeks - but we need to pay for it. In day-to-day terms, it means a donation of £50 would cost a family less than £1.30 a session for one child! For a family with 2 children - it would be less than 0.65p each.

This is a brilliant opportunity & in terms of value for money - it would be difficult to find anything that comes close.

These weekly sessions give local children a chance to get away from the screen, take some risks outdoors, and learn through craft, co-operation, creative and adventurous play - which they also love!

But we can't do it without your support and donations.

Our Fundsurfer campaign offers unique opportunities, photographs, and experiences in return for your donations! Perfect as a Christmas gift to yourself or for friends and family :)

Our goal is to raise enough money to fund the APE Projects weekly sessions on Horfield Common for a year - donate today and help us make it happen: fundsurfer

Please also share this e-mail with your friends, family and networks and help us to make this amazing project happen! We have until December 31st to raise £10k to cover the costs of a whole year's worth of play activity on Horfield Common.

Thank you for your support,

Friends of Horfield Common