BallotBoxDo you know which council ward you live in, and which councillors represent you?  Under new proposals, you may find that you will be moving.  The difference between what we think of as Bishopston, and the electoral area which goes by that name, looks set to increase.

 The Local Government Boundary Commission of England (LGBCE) is carrying out a review of ward boundaries in Bristol.  Draft proposals have been made and comments are invited - to be submitted by 15 February.

 The aim of the review is to balance the number of voters represented by each councillor, while trying to ensure that the pattern of wards reflects the identities of local communities.

More information can be found on the websites of Bristol City Council and the LGBCE.

To take part in the consultation, go to the LGBCE consultation page, which has a useful map.  Zoom into our area on the map and click on both the "Bristol Wards" and "Bristol draft proposals" buttons, and you will be able to see the effects of the proposals.

You will find that Redland now extends all the way up to Bishop Road on the western side of the Gloucester Road, while streets to the east of Gloucester Road have moved from Redland to Ashley & Stokes Croft.  Meanwhile, Bishopston pushes up to Wellington Hill and Churchways Avenue.

The effect of the proposals is that the number of voters in Bishopston increases by 10%.  At the same time, the number in Redland hardly moves.