David Cemlyn is running this meeting in his capacity as a local resident and the only surviving member of the community support group set up at the beginning of the project.Please see the press release below that gives the details of a press conference this Thursday at 11am at the old baths.

David has been regularly involved from day one and he is requesting help for this meeting. Firstly for the press to be able to see and talk to local people and secondly to help guide people into the building before the conference starts. If you can make it could you please be at the baths at 10.45.

Press Release:

Chatsworth Homes meets deadline set by BCC
BCC publicly stated that the deadline for Chatsworth Homes to provide a solution to the completion of Bristol North Baths and Bishopston Library and Apartments was the 17th of November
Two weeks ago and again on the 16th of November, Bristol City Council were offered the opportunity to discharge itself from all responsibility (financial and otherwise) for the completion of the projects.
The offer made was and is as follows:
1.    Immediate repayment of the loan amount of £3.4 million and £500,000 of interest to Bristol City Council
2.    Immediate payment of all our contractors and suppliers (many of them small local businesses)
3.    Immediate deployment of additional resources to finish the works
4.    Guaranteed funding to completion
The offer was given verbally two weeks ago and again in writing by Chatsworth Homes on the 16th of November to all the Senior Officers and the Mayor with a deadline to respond. In spite of acknowledging receipt of the letters, no response has been received.
Chatsworth Homes are very concerned for the local community and the council taxpayers of Bristol that Bristol City Council appears to have declined an opportunity to resolve the delays – at no costs to themselves.
This can only lead to further massive delays and increased costs of completion which will need to be funded by the taxpayers of Bristol.
Chatsworth Homes are bitterly disappointed that, by BCC not taking up the noted offer, contractors and local businesses cannot or will not be paid.
In view of the VERY serious nature of this matter we are calling a press conference on Thursday, the 26th  of November, 11 am, at the Bristol North Baths at which a final attempt will be made to the Mayor or his delegated officer(s) to respond to the solution provided by us.
The following have been invited to this press conference:
•    The Mayor (or his delegate(s))
•    David Cemlyn (Member of the Development Participation Group)
•    Fi Hance
•    Martin Fodor
•    Tim Malnick
•    Daniella Radice
•    Gus Hoyt
•    Creditors (list available)
•    Keith James
•    James Coventry
•    Bev Knot
•    Nick Morley
•    Mike Shaw
•    Patients of the Bishopston Medical Practise
•    Local Residents

David says: 'I cannot promise what will happen but it is my last ditch attempt to see
this project through AND to try and make sure contractors and local
business get what is owed. Please tell anyone else who may like to come and/or help'.