Trees in park The Bristol Tree Forum secretary writes:

Dear Friend of Bristol's trees - At the most recent TreeForum meeting I had to sit down. 8 years we have waited, and now just as I was losing hope, the Council Officers presented a process outlining how to get trees planted in Bristol: in streets, car parks, verges, parks everywhere and anywhere!

So we now need volunteers to say where they want trees planted. Just email us on with your name, ward (Councillor) and where you might like to plant some trees (or a tree) and give us permission to pass these details to the council. You don't even need to find the money as these schemes are under the control of your Neighbourhood Partnership and they have to do that. So become a tree champion and get Bristol's tree canopy to where it needs to be for a city fit for the 21st Century.

For more details and explanation see  here

Minutes of TreeForum meeting and questions to mayoral candidates on:  (see red block halfway down left hand side)

All the best and still in shock - Clive Stevens (TreeForum Secretary)