logosimpleWe are delighted to announce the launch of Clean Air Bishopston, a project developed by The Bishopston Society and a range of partners to address the massive problem of air pollution and work towards cleaner air in our part of the city.

Air pollution has been described by some as representing a "public health emergency", and reports suggest that 300 deaths per year may be occuring in Bristol due to illegal pollution levels.

The project team is therefore aiming to build local awareness of the problem and what WE can do about it. They are building a new web site at bishopstonsociety.org.uk/cab to address these aims.

Amongst other things, local action around National Clean Air Day is being planned on Thursday 21 June, and will be presented in the new web site section soon. Local walks are another main feature, especially during Bristol Walkfest taking place during the whole of May and including Bishtopston-specific walks.

The new section of the site also sets out what others including Bristol City Council are doing about air quality, including their consultations on their Clean Air Zone proposals.

Please take a look at our new web site section now and stay tune for further developments!