Thursday 20 June is national Clean Air Day in Britain.

Clean Air Bishopston is running a series of local activities throughout the day. The aim is to get people in the community to think about the issue of air pollution and cleaner air whilst at the same time doing something interesting.

The start of the day will feature a Bike to Work Breakfast Station outside Boston Tea Party. Free drinks and food will be available, and the Travelwest team will be on site to give out useful information and encourage sustainable transport.

In the afternoon, there will be stands at the crossroads of Gloucester Road, Nevil Road and Longmead Avenue, offering information on sustainable transport. School Streets Bristol will be on hand to chat about what can be done to improve air quality around our primary schools.

At the same time, a Kids Creative Corner will offer children (and their parents!) the opportunity to give reign to their creative skills by designing and making pollution posters, etc.

Later in the day there will be short presentations on cycling and walking, and steps we can all take to improve air quality in Bishopston.

Finally, the CAB team will lead a short walk around the northern boundary of Bishopston covering local interest points and offering people the opportunity to enjoy a quiet stroll away from the busy Gloucester Road.

Kevin Molloy, project team leader, said “By marking the day with these activities, people in the community who have concerns about air quality will see that there are simple actions that we can all take to help protect the health of our children and others.”

Details are here on the new section of the CAB web site (updates to follow)