CADBIntro2The Clean Air Bishopston project team has now finalised plans for Thursday 20th June, national Clean Air Day, and is offering no less than nine ways everyone can help deal with the killer in our midst represented by air pollution. At and around Boston Tea Party, Nevil Road, we are "leading the way locally with a series of activities planned for all ages".

Those were the words of Bishopston Voice in their recent article "Bishopston -and all of Bristol- needs clear air", who reminded us of the public pledges emerging from last year's Clean Air Day and headlined what would be on offer this year.

In addition to making pledges in advance of or on the day, the ways you can take part include: a free bike breakfast for early cyclist-commuters; info, smoothie bike and electric bike trials at the Travelwest roadshow; and a creative fun workshop for kids to which grown-ups are also invited.

Other choices include a "Love you bike" stall with bike repairs, info and more with the help of The Bike Man and Bristol Cycling Campaign. You can get more at the "Protect our kids" stand with School Streets Bristol and Playing Out. You can learn more about air quality, transport and travel behaviours at the "Get the Facts" stand with UWE's ClairCity and Centre for Transport and Society teams.

You're invited to "Join the Conversation" with community colleagues in an early evening slot, and finally enjoy an evening walk with us in quieter streets of the neighbourhood.

These events are spread out through the day and all located around the Nevil Road/Gloucester Road junction. Times and full details are set out at the following web site address: - take a look now!

Providing a rationale for the day, Kevin Molloy, Clean Air Bishopston Lead, said: “You might ask why this is relevant to us, but make no mistake, air pollution is a killer. Gloucester Road is a hot-spot and we in Bishopston are vulnerable like others. So, we’re getting people talking and working together to address this public health emergency.”

Nick Plant, Bishopston Society Chair, added “Everyone’s now talking about the climate and ecosystem breakdowns that the world’s facing, and we hope Bishopston will take its turn. The school strikes show that the younger generation are determined we act, Extinction Rebellion have proven the legitimacy of rebellion in the face of extinction, Greta Thunberg’s positive courage has captured our imaginations in spite of the gloom, and parliaments and local authorities all around are declaring climate emergencies."

"As individuals we need to take personal action to reduce pollution, eat less meat, and do much more. As communities we need to persuade politicians to accelerate emissions reductions, challenge industry to abandon toxic production practices, put a stop to banks and others profiting from climate and species destruction, and do much more. So we’re hoping this day will bring about a step-change in Bishopston’s conversations about these actions.”