The next public meeting of the Bishopston Society features a complementary pair of guest talks on health and liveability. It will take place on Monday 30th September at7.30 pm in the hall at St Michael's and All Angels, Pigsty Hill Bishopston.

There will be an update on the progrees made in the development of the new health centre based in the fabulous refurbished Bristol North Baths building, from

Mark Allen of Spence Practice. There will also be a talk on "liveability" from Duncan Laird, from  the Transport Department of the Council of Bristol City Council - how to make our streets people and children friendly. Also, Sylvia Townsend, Redland Councillor  – will update us on Residents Parking within Redland

"Liveability" as discussed in panel here explores the idea of "liveability" as set out in a Bristol City Council report on Determinants of Health and Wellbeing on their web site here.

What's Bishopston's "liveability indicator".....? Bring along your answer...!