TID-100214937he Bishopston Society has a new web site! Following months of redesign, planning and development work, our new site went live on Wednesday 22 January 2014.

Nick Plant, our e-services advisor and project lead, explained: "We've long wanted to refresh our image and enhance the visual aspects of our site. Now we hope we are finally there with this new site". The team's now keeping its fingers crossed that the new site is working properly and hoping that you, our visitors, like what you see.

Simon Randolph, site editor, who has been applauded for his patience maintaining the content on our previous site whilst building the new one, added "I'm excitied that we're now able to showcase quite a lot of photographic material on the new site, and looking forward to developing our visual representation of Bishopston and everything we love about our area."

In a parallel development, the Society's January 2014 edition of its biennial newsletter hits the streets this weekend. Furthermore, this synchronised publication of our popular newsletter features the same refreshed design, based on the famous Arches, as now revealed on the new web site.

More information about the (new) web site is available here. The team has also launched an earnest appeal for members or the pubic to give feedback on the new site, and has committed to a range of further improvements and enhancements.

Access to our backlist of past newsletters is available via News in our Newsletters sub-section. Please heed the advice, however, of Dick Farrow, Treasurer and "third man" in our web team: "The latest newsletter's not available to the public via our web site until three months after release. But free newsletters are a key benefit of joining The Bishopston Society, so to ensure you're fully up to date please consider joining us, for a small membership fee." Details are available via "Join us"!