The Bishopston Society has extended a key consultation into the public domain.

We've recently been on a journey reviewing what we do, why, and how we can do it better. We've recently consulted our members on this journey, via our members-only newsletter and at our November 2016 public meeting.

The results so far are looking promising, but we're committed to getting the input of a wide cross-section of our stakeholders. So our consultation has now been released to the public via this web site.

More information is available in our special new "Our journey" section, including details of the background to our review, the direction of travel we think we are taking, and a fresh statement of our mission, vision, aims, objectives and strategy. 

Most importantly, we've now released an online consultation questionnaire and we want all visitors to our web site to join our journey. Please go to Our Journey now and give us your views!