AirVictoriaThe contentious issue of air pollution, and how it affects our lives in Bishopston, is to be examined with expert help at The Bishopston Society's next public meeting taking place on Tuesday 4th April 2017, organised jointly with Sustainable Bishopston.

Is air pollution a global crisis or a problem solved? Can we reliably measure pollution levels in Bishopston, and how bad are they? How can we respond in our local community? What's the Council doing about it? Should we drive less? Such questions have been hotly discussed in Bristol and beyond and look set to continue.

Three complementary expert views were recently revealed to Bishopston Society members via our newsletter, in a special series of commissioned articles on the subject. And now all three of their authors have agreed to speak at our special meeting.

Our esteemed guests, and their articles, which are now released on this web site to "warm you up" to the meeting beforehand, are:-

  1. Professor Jim Longhurst of UWE's Air Quality Management Resource Centre - Air pollution: a global crisis or problem solved?
  2. Gavin Spittlehouse of Sustainable Bishopston - Air quality in Bishopston: measurements and responses
  3. Cllr Tom Brook, Labout Co-op Councillor for Bishopston & Ashley Down - Clean air in Bristol: how we and the Council can respond

You'll also hear from other Bishopston Society members, and have a chance to contribute to a workshop-style session on local responses. 

Come along, listen, learn, contribute and help decide on what we can do together to reduce air pollution. In addition, you'll be able to take part in the legendary Bishopston Society Open Forum, and hear updates from partners including Sustainable Bishopston and others.

There will, as always, be an opportunity to meet and talk with other members and visitors over a glass of free delicious organic fruit juice.

The meeting will be held at Gloucestershire County Cricket Ground, Nevil Road, BS7 9EJ. Door open at 6.45pm for a 7pm start - please note this is an early start than previous meetings. Attendance is free to members and £2 for non-members.