joinusThe Bishopston Society has announced a modest increase in membership subscription rates.

The level of subscriptions has been held since 2013, but in that time costs have continued to increase.

Also, the Society is incurring additional costs related to its activities, such as the website and costs of insurance for public meetings.

For the future, the demise of the Neighbourhood Partnership may entail extra expenditure if the Bishopston Society is to take its part in the new local landscape.

The committee has therefore decided that it is time to make a small increase. Indeed, members themselves have suggested that this would be an appropriate move.

So for the new year effective 1st July 2017, joining us will cost:-

  • £9 p.a. for individuals
  • £13 p.a. for two adults at the same address

.....but as Treasurer Dick Farrow said, "we hope you will agree that this is still extraordinary value for all that the Bishopstion Society has to offer!". 

The increase is set against the background of new, ambitious, thinking by the Society on its future. See "Our journey" for lots more details about our recently-revamped vision, mission and strategy.

Remember that you can join and pay online here - or check out the benefits of membership first if in doubt!