The Bishopston Society is reviewing what the Society does, why, and how we can do it better. We are consulting on the journey we've embarked on, and want to share this with you. Please complete the consultation questionnaire provided below - join us on our journey..!

The Bishopston Society was formed 14 years ago so we thought it was time to consider the purpose of a politically non-aligned local civic society within a densely populated urban area.

The Committee thinks the future probably lies in an organisation which is fed and nurtured by a range of people with some time and interest.

During our journey we have developed a fresh statement of the mission, aims, objectives and strategies of The Bishopston Society.

Here are some examples of our revised strategy and how it's panning out in practice already, or might do in the future.

The instant questionnaire introduced at our October 2016 AGM generated powerful results.

Our first round of consultations on our journey took place in conjunction with our members in the second half of 2016.

You are invited to contribute your views on our journey by completing this short consultation questionnaire.