You are invited to contribute your views on our journey by completing this short consultation questionnaire.

Please indicate your agreement or otherwise with each of the statements below by clicking DS (Disagree strongly), D (Disagree), N (Neither agree nor disagree), A (Agree), or AS (Agree strongly):-
I support the redraft mission, vision, aims, objectives & strategies of the Bishopston Society (TBS)*
TBS is doing a good job in its area of work*
TBS delivers good value for money to members in return for the membership fee*
TBS is right to be taking on new areas of work and widening its remit*
TBS should work more closely with existing/new partners organisations, groups or causes*
I am prepared to contribute to the work of TBS over the next year*
Comments - feel free to explain here the responses you gave above:-
Name ONE THING you'd like TBS to do over the next year better/differently/ newly
Name ONE THING that TBS could do to better reflect the age profile and diversity of Bishopston
Which organisation/group/cause are you affiliated with? How might it work (more) with TBS?
Are you a paid-up member of TBS*
Please supply your contact details below - optional but encouraged in case we want to find out more! Compulsory if you'd like to discuss TBS working with the organisation/group/cause named above.
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