Our first round of consultations on our journey took place in conjunction with our members in the second half of 2016.

This was via our  August 2016 newsletter and at The Bishopston Society's AGM in October 2016 (which we already reported on).

We unveiled our attempt at a clean, fresh statement of our mission, vision, aims and objectives, backed with our initial strategy for achieving what we want, and members completed an instant questionnaire and took part in group discussions.

We looked at the results, which broadly supported the direction of travel we'd proposed, and reported back - "so far, so good"...

...but more views on our “grand statement” and the wider journey, and just as importantly more offers to help realise it in practice, are also wanted. So our second round of consultation is open to the world, online, in this special new section of our web site:-OurJourneySq

We hope you’ll enjoy taking part in this consultation and joining us on our journey. Thanks!