Here are some examples of our revised strategy and how it's panning out in practice already, or might do in the future.

These "strategy snippets" are merely initial examples of where our journey might take us, and through our consultation we're open to others, but take a look and see what you think.

1) Have you completed the online Mem survey?

We’re committed to develop the Society’s partnerships. We’re also committed to engaging and consulting members more. And to developing our use of electronic media. Putting all these together, an online survey on behalf of our new partner, Friends of the Memorial ground, is still up and running to gather your views on this important local development. Please click here to take part. And watch this space for more partnerships, more consultations and more e-media innovations…

2) What’s your favourite local cause or campaign?

We’re committed to supporting more local groups and causes where there’s common thinking with the Bishopston Society’s vision, mission and aims. Have you nominated your cause yet? Sent us your pitch for partnership with us? We see ourselves as an umbrella organisation working with partners more and more. Please respond to our consultation by suggesting your favourite cause or campaign to - we might be able to work together!

3) A gold star award for Bishopston?

We’ve been comparing notes with sister local amenity societies including RCAS (Redland and Cotham Amenity Society) who run a gold star award on local architectural improvements. They’re happy for us to clone this. We’re keen. All those in favour (or against) please mail with your responses. Would you like to run a pilot scheme, or help develop it for Bishopston Society? Even better – we look forward to hearing from you!

4) Calling confident Twitter and Facebook users!

We’re committed to extend our reach and communicating better. We want and need more members, and a younger demographic would help the Society modernise. We’re about to sign up (finally!) to social media channel but our e-Services leader could do with your help. A degree in rocket science is not needed, just the confidence and preparedness to work alongside our web editor and others as part of our communications strategy. Offers to please!

5) e-payments now live!

Another pilot in our communications strategy is e-payments. We want you to be able to renew your membership more easily. We reckon more would sign up to join The Bishopston Society if we joined the 21st century and could subscribe electronically. Did you know that you can now join and pay online? It’s just one part of an ambitious e-services plan we’re formulating….

6) What can YOU contribute to our mission?

We want YOU to tell us what you think The Bishopston Society should do. Just as important, we want you to tell us about your skills, knowledge, ideas and aspirations. How can these help us work together for mutual advantage? We need more resources (ie people) to take us forward. Wordsmiths could you help make a better newsletter? Any graphic designers out there? Those handy with the web could you offer our web editor an hour a fortnight? Photo buffs, we have a massive Flickr collection and lots of ideas to help you and your creativity! Anyone want to give a lead on additional public meetings or special events? We want to know about your interests and desires! Mail or fill in our consultation questionnaire.