Our occasional papers series, provided here, reproduces selected items from our website or members-only newsletter that might have lasting value but are no longer suited to their orginal format.

Whilst we are not academic publishers, many of these papers include sources of further information, usually via hotlinks, to enable the reader to go a little deeper in pursuing the subject matter in question.

Published in PDF format via the links below, these papers may be viewed online or downloaded for later reading.

Each paper can generally be read and understood as a single stand-alone item, but you may wish to search our web site for related items or further information. Rights are reserved in line with our general policy.

Paper # Title Author Date
3  pdfPlanning review - January 2018; an illustrated commentary on recent developments Neil Embleton January 2018
 2 pdfWhat can we do to clean up our air? Travel behaviour and sustainable transport, self-help and community-based strategies for clean air, how international research can inform local actions Caroline Bartle November 2017
pdfAir Quality in Bristol and Bishopston – updates from three expert perspectives Jim Longhurst, Ben Williams, Gavin Spittlehouse and Tom Brook January 2017

The above papers will be enhanced from time to time with additional items. If you would like to discuss the possibility of contributing, please contact us.