We would like to register our objection to this application on the grounds that the design is totally bland and characterless, that the car parking and garden size are inadequate, that the new house are served by a narrow and tortuous lane, that the units do not comply with the BCC Residential Space Standards and that the internal arrangements of the houses are unsatisfactory.

Firstly, the design has little or no relationship with its surroundings.  The existing houses in the area have hipped roofs whereas these houses have gabled roofs simply to increase the internal space,  The appearance of the houses can only be described as bog standard and featureless.  Each of the 6 houses in the application has only one parking space which inevitably will add further pressure to parking in the area.  The houses are described as 3 bedroom whereas in fact there is a fourth bedroom labelled as a study (7 bedspaces in total)  

The internalea appears to measure approx 95m2, whereas the BCC Space Standards require 108m2 for a 7 bedspace house.  We note that the kitchen diner is extremely small and shows only a small circular table for 4 persons which is clearly inadequate for the number of bedspaces provided.  

We recommend refusal
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