We have considered the application and have certain reservations;

•    The building is directly alongside the railway bridge and a new dwelling is proposed. This dwelling will be subject to considerable noise and vibration and may not be appropriate. We would recommend that the technical submission regards the noise and vibration is considered in depth to ensure that the flat will not be adversely affected by noise and vibration from the bridge alongside.

•    We are concerned about a further application for a hot food takeaway on this part of the Cheltenham road which already has so many takeaways in close proximity.  We are concerned about ever increasing traffic congestion, noise and litter on the street.

•    The floor level of the shop is shown at 220 mm above pavement level and no means of disabled access is shown. As the building is not listed but is in a conservation area, we understand that you are required to consult both the Access Officer and the Conservation Officer to establish what facilities for the disabled are appropriate in this case.

•    As regards the design concept, we remain to be totally convinced that the proposals could be carried out to the quality required to match the existing building. To this end we would recommend that the planning department place planning conditions on the fine detail of the proposals for the exterior of the building. All materials and workmanship should be an exact match with the existing building. One minor point, the corners at first floor level are shown on the perspective views in the Design and Access Statement with sandstone quoins to match the bridge. These are not shown on the submitted elevations. The WC block does not have quoins and we feel that they should not be introduced in the new extension.

Whilst not totally opposed to the principle of adding a first floor, our preference would be to fully develop the ground floor as a commercial outlet, perhaps with skylights allowing light into the interior, and to omit the residential unit above. In this way the building would remain completely subsidiary to the bridge and its original architectural character would be retained.


April 16th 2012 - The council has decided to reject the application.  See the letter from the Planning Department to The Bishopston Society below:

Notification of Decision

Application No.  12/00260/F
Site Address:  Public Conveniences Cheltenham Road/North Road Bristol  

Following your comments about the above application, I can inform you that the proposal was considered under delegated powers on 16 April 2012, and the decision was as follows:  REFUSED.

Please note that while the above application has been refused planning permission, the applicant does have the opportunity to appeal against the decision, and this will mean the application being re-examined by an independent Planning Inspector. In addition, a fresh application could be submitted which seeks to overcome the stated reasons for refusal, which the council would have to consider and make a decision on. In either case, we will write to you and let you know what is happening.

A copy of the decision notice can now be viewed from our website. The officer report will also be available to view, but please allow seven days for our website to be updated.

If you require any further information about this application, please contact us.

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