Conversion of 105 North Road from house in multiple occupation to three self-contained flats and one existing studio apartment, and associated external alterations.

We have considered this application and whilst not concerned in principle with the proposal to convert an HMO into residential flats, we are concerned with the space standards and the outlook from the lower ground floor flat.

Whilst there is no scale bar or key dimensions on the drawings (as required under planning guidelines) it would appear that the flats at ground and first floor measure approx 52 – 54 m2 and yet show two double bedrooms each. 4 person dwellings under the Bristol Core Strategy - Residential Space Standards are required to have an internal floor area of 67m2.

Furthermore, we understand that under Building Regulations there is a requirement to insulate the external walls of the proposed flats, as the conversion is classed as a change of use. This insulation will further reduce the internal floor area of the flats.

Finally, the two bedrooms in the lower ground floor flat look out immediately onto the rear wall of the existing shop at a distance of only 800mm. This does not allow any reasonable outlook from these rooms.

We recommend refusal.
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