We would like to take up the points raised by the applicant in the Grounds for Appeal:

1.1 The applicant states that the structure holds no architectural merit, that it is an eyesore and that it makes no contribution towards the Gloucester Road and the Conservation Area.
The building is only an eyesore because it has been left unused and is consequently deteriorating. We agree more with the statement in para. 1.2 which says that it has local distinctiveness.
It is a characterful and most unusual example of the Edwardian period, which could be brought back into play with a new use. A speciality use would help to bring out the building’s unusual qualities.
1.2 We consider that the new first floor extension does little to enhance the special character of the existing building in its setting alongside the bridge.
1.3 We consider that the existing single storey building as it stands makes a fine adjunct to the bridge structure above.
1.4 The bridge may not be listed but it has long served as the largest and most prominent landmark in the Bishopston area. We consider that the extension of the existing building to two storeys actually detracts from the punch and clarity of the bridge.
1.5 We feel that the Gloucester Road area has more than enough hot food takeaways and that this building would be better refurbished for a speciality use, which would serve to bring out its rather unusual qualities and character.
We recommend that the appeal is dismissed.

Yours sincerely

R Boswell

Secretary of the Bishopston Society

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