We are surprised to see that this development has been re-submitted for retrospective planning permission (having previously been refused) as the work is complete and the building occupied. Our main concern is that the flats do not comply with Bristol City Council Residential Space Standards by a wide margin. The flats on Ground, First and Loft Floors are stated as 43-45m2 and are shown with two bedrooms (albeit that the second bedroom has been relabelled as dining/bedroom) which as 3 bedspace units should be a minimum of 67m2. Simply, relabelling the second bedroom as dining/bedroom does nothing to make the flats comply with the required space standards. If this were the case then developers would simply continue to build at unacceptable space standards and relabel the rooms to suit. The only proper solution to make these flats comply is to put the kitchen in the second bedroom, leaving the main room as the living/dining. In this way, these would be proper 1 bedroom/2 bedspace flats at or around the minimum required floor area of 45m2.

The basement flat has two double bedrooms but effectively no usable living room. The area is stated as 59.84m2 whereas the standards clearly state the minimum area is 67m2. There is no proper external access to this unit, only by means of a French door from the rear garden. This unit should be replanned as a 3 bedspace unit (required floor area 57m2) with proper living room.

This reapplication seems to us to be clearly a case of post rationalisation, for conversion work carried out without permission to unacceptably low standards, when the situation would appear to call for enforcement. We recommend refusal.
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