This application for 2, Clare Avenue is a reapplication with some additional information provided on sustainability.

As such our comments on this reapplication (Oct 22nd 2012) are very similar to our earlier comments of our letter of 12 April 2012.

We are concerned that the proposed doubling of the size of the existing house will create a large bulky block very close to the boundary with Claremont Road and to the corner of Clare Avenue and Claremont Road.
We note that the internal arrangements of the new flats are not ideal, with very small kitchen areas to both and an equally small living room to the ground floor unit (the floor area being made up by the addition of a conservatory)

We would recommend that, if permission is granted, then a condition be imposed to ensure that the render finish of the old and new fully match and perhaps more critically that the new and existing roof tiles are grouped on separate sides of the roof to ensure that the end result looks consistent.

We recommend refusal.

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