A recent e-mail from the Howzat Resident’s Group gives the latest news on the new proposed plans for the development of the Gloucestershire cricket ground. A new application for development of the ground has just been submitted but has not yet been registered and uploaded to the Council Planning website. 

The Howzat Group would like to hear your views on this as soon as details appear on the council’s website.

A brief summary of the new application includes:

  • 7,500 permanent seats (previous plan had proposed 18,500).  These would mainly be on the College side of the ground.
  • Big matches would have additional temporary stands, on the Kennington Avenue side, increasing total capacity to 17,500.
  • The new submission for the enabling development is for a block of 150 residential flats (not student accommodation) at the Ashley Down end and with 111 basement parking spaces.  These would be 7 storeys high (over 21 metres or 70 feet). This would be over 50% higher than the present wavy-roofed Jessop stand.
The GCCC will be delivering a glossy leaflet to local residents in the next few days which asks ‘Do you believe the current scheme is an improvement on previous proposals? - Yes or No’   There is also a space for further comments.

HOWZAT requests you to: ‘PLEASE use this to express any concerns you have about the plans as the GCCC are likely to use the responses to support their case’.

Keep in touch with developments at their website: www.howzatgccc.org.uk

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